Morsel admin February 15, 2023
Chocolates and Speciality Coffee
Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
Post Opening Services

Artisan handcrafted chocolate | Speciality Coffee

Indulge in the art of luxury at Morsel, a homegrown chocolate retailer and specialty coffee bar located in Abu Dhabi. Experience the finest chocolates and coffee crafted by skilled chocolatiers and baristas using eclectic ingredients and artisan techniques and savor the fusion of classic and contemporary with a range of specialized offerings including milk chocolate, zaatar-infused delights, custom chocolate trays, boxes & bars, home-friendly iced coffee ‘gathering’ boxes, and many more.

Enjoy the ultimate indulgence in Morsel’s beautifully designed space, heavily marbled with pastel pink, rich green, and golden accents, offering a contemporary and art-deco-inspired ambience, and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

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