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Our Team admin February 6, 2020
Our people are the reason for our success TOGETHER
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Managing Director
Priya Jaganathan

Priya Jaganathan, a seasoned professional in Hospitality Industry, brings over more than 25 years of experience and a passion for hospitality, food, and travel to her role as Managing Director and Co-founder of Auriga International Management Consultancy. With a keen eye for detail and a drive to help businesses reach their full potential, she founded Auriga to provide expert consulting services that foster business growth and success.

As a visionary leader, she recognizes the importance of a strong corporate culture in driving business success. That's why she built Auriga on the foundation of nurturing this critical aspect of a thriving business. By combining her extensive industry knowledge with a creative and innovative approach, she is committed to helping her clients achieve their goals and succeed in today's dynamic business landscape.

Management Consulting Dubai
Do you have a solid understanding of financial statistics, accounting principles and extensive understanding of financial trends?
Corporate Advisory
As a member of our team, you will provide partnership and commitment to all team members in maximizing the potential of the business and enable a safe company culture.
Human Resources
Sales & Marketing Service
We’re looking for a results-driven Sales Representative with excellent interpersonal skills to actively seek out and engage customer prospects while keeping abreast of best practices and promotional trends.
Procurement Management Consultant
As part of the Procurement team you will be responsible for evaluating suppliers, products, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases are cost-efficient and of high quality.
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