Making Your Salon Green – 7 Tips To Keep It Sustainable admin October 31, 2022

Making Your Salon Green – 7 Tips To Keep It Sustainable

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When we launch our own business, we should consider various aspects that will support its long-term maintenance. It all comes down to sustainability and the actions we take to achieve it. There are various steps that we should consider starting with water and electricity.

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It’s no secret that everyone has been thinking about sustainability for a while, and we’re learning more and more about how to make decisions that won’t affect the environment.

Therefore, businesses must also change when customer preference shifts toward more environmentally friendly products. According to salon business consultancies, one must check right from electricity to recycling to run a salon in long run.
Like other businesses, beauty salons and spas are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by adopting environmentally friendly practices. Being ecologically conscious extends beyond the things you choose to consume. Running water and power use damage Earth’s natural resources. It’s all about the little steps we take to make our business grow as well as our thoughtful steps to make our nature go greener. Through the best salon and spa consultants, one can find many initiatives for making their salon business sustainable

So, what are the seven tips to keep a salon sustainable? Let us discuss

1. Let’s control the electricity

You have to remind yourself to use electricity when you need it. You have to turn off the power. Make sure that the appliances are either plugged out or turned off. Make a checklist of the tools or appliances that you use. The checklist should include things from hair dryers to the coffee machine. Consider using renewable energy sources, such as solar, and think about installing motion sensor lighting in rooms.  

2. Recycling and reusing

Instead of throwing away outdated equipment like computers, dryers, and clippers, recycle them. You can take them to places that will recycle or reuse them; for more information on which local recycling centers will accept electrical equipment, search online. Alternatively, get in touch with the local public schools or beauty schools; they might be able to make good use of your leftovers.

3. Eco-friendly decors works

We all want our salon to reflect our ideals and, of course, to be spotless and gorgeous for our amazing customers. And one method to demonstrate our green side is to decorate our salon with eco-friendly decor. A great ambiance is always a key to a successful saloon and it’s the most important part of sustainability.
What does “green decor” mean? These works of art or home accents were created by using recyclable materials. Make sure to use VOC-free paint to paint your salon to match your eco-friendly decor! Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are released into the atmosphere as a gas. They are known to offer serious health risks to people who are exposed, including irritation of the throat, breathing difficulties, and potential carcinogenic consequences in humans.

4. Let’s refill

 Many salon owners and stylists might not be familiar with this idea. Refillable containers for in-salon items like back bar shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are being offered by truly environmentally conscious salons and businesses that are starting to appreciate the benefits of plastic-saving measures.

For their environmentally friendly salon supplies, Simply Organic Beauty offers a Refill Station Program, reducing the amount of trash dumped into the environment. Additionally, the refills are less expensive than buying brand-new plastic products each month, which boosts your sales by 20 percent! Talk about creating a waste-free salon and being environmentally conscious at the same time!

5. What about a climate control

Tint the windows. This is not the same as coloring your hair. A film is applied to the window, preventing some of the sun’s UV rays from entering. Additionally, it reduces heat and discomfort for clients who may be stuck in a chair with the sun in their eyes. Furthermore, like motion sensors, this can significantly reduce your bills. To cycle the temperature, you can also use a programmable thermostat. There are even smart thermostats that you can control from your phone when you’re not at work using simple, user-friendly apps.

6. Check on water usage

While using the washing machine, switch to cold water. We could reduce carbon emissions by millions of tonnes per year if everyone in the world switched to cold water in washing machines. And, while we’re on the subject of laundry, only use the washing machine when you have a full load to wash. Every wash cycle uses between 32 and 59 gallons of water. Install an instant hot water system in place of your old hot water heater. It provides an endless supply of hot water when you need it, and it saves energy by not heating water when it is not in use. And, if at all possible, go solar. Also, repair any leaking faucets. Each month, a slow drip can waste 150 to 300 gallons of water.

7. Make sure appliances are certified

Inspect any large equipment in your salon or spa to see if they have the Energy Star label, such as washers and dryers, water heaters, and freezers. This indicates that they have received independent certification for energy conservation without compromising features or functionality. This method of energy conservation helps stop climate change. Many utilities give rebates to corporations that purchase Energy Star goods. Also possible are tax breaks. Find out what programs your local utilities provide for green firms, and consult an accountant to determine if you qualify for any tax breaks.

It all comes down to the small actions we take to help our company expand and the careful actions we take to help the environment. One can find several strategies for keeping their salon business viable through the top salon and spa experts.