Location Assessment – The Auriga Way admin August 7, 2021

Location Assessment – The Auriga Way


We strategically place your business at the top by assessing all the aspects of the place you are about to open your business.

Auriga Consultants

Finding the right location for your restaurant is as important, if not more, than fixing the menu marketing and interiors. In most cases, the restaurant owners become more indulgent in other aspects of their business that they completely forget about location. Auriga provides a hassle-free experience when it comes to finding the right location to really put your business on the map. Choosing a suitable location for your business may be the single most important thing you can do to succeed. Your restaurant must have decent cuisine and skilled employees to be successful, but a nice location may boost your company.

Auriga, with our deep understanding of the locations around the UAE and Asia, finds the location that is best suited for your hospitality business. We get a deep understanding of the concept and format of the business. We sit down with our clients and get to know what they are aiming for. An extensive market study is done, keeping the target demographic in mind. Auriga helps you realise your potential to the fullest.
Professional demographic research and location analysis may be required, depending on the size of the firm, the original financial investment, and the amount of risk involved. Our market research and location analysis services will assist you in determining a suitable location for your business or restaurant. Having selected a location, you may quickly begin the process of establishing your hospitality business.

Finding the right location depends on a lot of factors. Demographics play a huge role in determining this. You need to cater to your target audience. Another important factor is the proximity to the suppliers and access. Any restaurant business requires the right backup. To ensure food quality you need to be close to your suppliers. When it comes to establishing restaurants and hotels in the UAE, no one knows it better than Auriga. Because of our market expertise, we know where to locate a hospitality firm in order to maximise its tenacity and liveliness.