How to Effectively Use Social Media to Boost Your Salon Business! admin September 22, 2022

How to Effectively Use Social Media to Boost Your Salon Business!

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Social media is the new hot pot when it comes to small businesses. So here are a few effective ways to make your salon business the talk of the digital town!

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How to effectively use social media to boost your salon business!

Social media is the new hot pot when it comes to small businesses. Even the giants are ogling over the opportunities social media presents. With a global community of over 2.9 billion active users on Facebook and 2 billion on Instagram, the potential for marketing is very high. Yes, it’s no secret that social media can feel overwhelming, and takes some level of finesse to navigate through it. So here are a few effective ways to make your salon business the talk of the digital town! 

You are your persona, and so is your business 

Creating a personal brand is most important when it comes to engaging your audience and ultimately finding potential customers. Gone are the days when you could just post your work pictures on your Instagram page. The young users of Insta are more likely to follow your business if they can see a bit of you reflected in it. Don’t confuse yourself. Your business and personal brand are separate; by building a personal brand, you connect more with the customer. People want to know more about you before they know about your business, your personality, opinions, ideologies, and so on. After all, you are your own brand, so own it by being the face of your business. 

Want a few tips on how to do this? Here are the basics

  • Get yourself clicked, not your backyard random shot (though that also creates a realness, don’t rule out the idea), but a professional photoshoot.
  • Be frequent in your posting 
  • Be very expressive of your opinions and personality 
  • Feel confident in your skills and make yourself sound like an expert

Micro-Influencers make a macro effect

Influencers hold a lot of power when it comes to making a brand. You yourself might be following these influencers. Collaborating with multiple local influencers (preferably with less than 10k followers) helps your brand reach a broader audience connected to your niche. The influencers you choose can range from beauty gurus, and successful salons to travel bloggers, the only thing is to make sure that they have an audience base that matches your potential customer base. Associating with multiple micro-influencers is found to be much more fruitful and cost-effective in comparison with the one with millions of followers. 

Things you need to keep in mind,

  • Be clear of your goal and set a realistic budget
  • Reach out to the ones that have a set of followers that are your ideal customers
  • Set a detailed campaign. Be it video, live stream, or story mentions, make sure you are clear on what has to be done
  • Track the results and optimize each of your campaigns 

Your interior is your ticket to business

Even if you do flashy advertising and a hell lot of promotions, the one that makes an impression on your customers is the interior. You can leverage this on your social media handles. Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa, after all, self-love is always trending. Make your interiors aesthetic and maintain this in your pages and grids. Choose the coziest atmosphere and themes that reflect your brand to the T. A tweak and paint here and there can make your salon look Instagram-able. 

Want to know a few tricks? Focus on aesthetics. 

  • Include brand colors into your furniture and decor, subtly. 
  • Make it vogue with a statement art piece or two 
  • Leave an Instagram-worthy wall. It can be the selfie corner that can help you have user-generated content. 
  • The lighting makes all the difference 
  • A bit of flora and fauna is always in trend 

While you are planning that Instagram-able interior, here is a blog on why great ambiance is essential to the success of your salon to give a kick start. 

It’s not just the ‘Meta’ game

Even though Facebook and Instagram play a significant role in the marketing game, other platforms can be effectively used. One such platform is Tik Tok. TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed, surpassing the true founding fathers of social networks, YouTube and Facebook. In fact, the platform is currently the most downloaded app in the Apple store, with 500 million people visiting it numerous times every day.

Moreover, TikTok is the ideal social media platform for salon companies. It’s a goldmine for interaction, and like other social media sites, there are loads of strategies and tactics to get your content trending.

These are a few things you can do to interact with and engage customers

  • It’s all about the hashtags. Stay current, relevant, and on-trend with multiple hashtags.
  • Be consistent in generating content
  • Find your tribe
  • User-generated content is the mantra
  • It’s all about the trending songs when it comes to Tik-Tok (well this is true in the case of Instagram reels)

Instagram lives and highlights

Instagram Lives allows your fans to see the person behind the company. We stated it previously, but it bears repeating “consumers enjoy seeing genuine material”. Don’t be scared to reveal the “you” behind the company. You’ll be astonished at how wonderfully it goes over!

Another great application for Instagram Lives is material that shows what you can accomplish in real time. But don’t worry if you’re being seen on a Livestream! It’s an excellent tool for providing instructive information, such as Q&As or even demonstrating procedures.

People are more intrigued and engaged when they can follow you on an Instagram Live trip, especially if you’re executing a spectacular skill or other creative jobs. Why is this? They want to see the completed product! And if the user loves what they see (which they will), there’s a good possibility it’ll increase your salon’s business.

Use Instagram highlights and categorize them. So, if you have anecdotes of amazing hair changes, categorize them as such. Like “Inside look” if you want to show off your salon’s stunning interior if you want to sell your items, “top selections.” Demonstrate their abilities in action. Do you see where we’re heading with this? For a better user experience, make it simple to follow.

So, here are a few ways in which you can make your salon a social media favorite. It is not just limited to these 5 points. To be fair the whole social media game can be too overwhelming sometimes and involves constant research to keep in line with what is trending. At times you might need assistance to keep churning relevant content, and you can always get professional help.