Total Quality Management

We try to improve your company by equipping you to provide the finest of services and thus keeping your F&B business in top shape.Total quality management  is a strategy for achieving long-term success by focusing on customer happiness and quality of consultants. Every employee in our company contributes to the improvement of procedures, products, solutions, and the climate in which they operate. Total quality management is the process of detecting, reducing, or eliminating production defects, optimising supply chain management, enhancing customer experience, and guaranteeing that staff are properly trained. Total quality management seeks to hold all parties engaged in the manufacturing process responsible for the final product's or service's overall quality.
The end consumer is constantly at the forefront of organisations that use total quality management.

Hotel Classification Requirement and Implementation

Over the last several decades, there has been a growing interest among academics and operators in the quality of service and quality management consulting in the hotel industry. To begin, Total Quality Management it is vital to note that the diversity of the hospitality sector influences hotel quality classification. There are certain requirements as per the guidelines of the specific authority Total quality management consultancy and Auriga follow the same,  while placing you at the safe point.

Standard Operating Procedures Set up Assistance

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions that document a routine or recurring action that a Hotel does. Aurega makes sure the SOP we curated aids in the preservation of the quality and consistency of service and standards in your hotel.A standard operating procedure is a series of step-by-step instructions developed by an organisation to assist employees in doing routine tasks. SOPs are designed to increase efficiency, quality output, and performance uniformity while reducing miscommunication and noncompliance with industry laws.

ISO Recommendations

ISO standards are worldwide standards that have been agreed upon by professionals all around the world. Quality management standards to aid in the efficiency of work and the reduction of product defects. Environmental management standards may assist to decrease environmental impacts, waste, and make a company more sustainable. Auriga assists in decreasing workplace accidents by keeping standards for health and safety in the workplace.

Health, Safety and Hygiene Support

Food safety is frequently difficult to follow due to the vast volume of food produced in hotels and hospitality, as well as the big workforce to monitor as it comes under the total quality management consultancy. Ensuring health and hygiene support for the guests to keep the environment seem inviting is also important. We try keeping the tasks finished efficiently by training employees on what to accomplish and what is expected of them.

Mystery Guest Auditing

Mystery Audit is a form of retail audit undertaken to evaluate our business. Industry specialists evaluate hospitality operations' products and services by immersing themselves in the guest experience and engaging in typical visitor-staff encounters and exchanges, culminating in final evaluations to be submitted to relevant management. Mystery guests and auditors are sent to the hotels/restaurants to provide total quality management consultancy input on factors such as retail employee conduct, interaction and customer experience, and pricing policy compliance.  The honest reviews help us upgrade into better versions of our business.It is very important to hire a mystery shopper that is a total quality management consultancy that the hotel proworks towards the goal of ensuring videos the best quality service.Within the hospitality sector, mystery guests have long been a staple. Providing a complete report on team member performance as well as the services and facilities that the company offers to managers and owners of businesses. These reports usually disclose whether or not the team adheres to the company's brand guidelines, as well as any problems with the services and facilities provided. These studies, on the other hand, never make recommendations for how to enhance performance, nor does the reviewing organisation get involved in actively bringing the performance up to par after their assessment is completed.