We offer a range of customised, results-oriented and time bound solutions that will strengthen our client’s business module.

FF&E, OS&E Budget Preperation Assistance 

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (abbreviated as FF&E or FFE) refer to moveable furniture, fixtures, or other equipment that is not permanently attached to a building's structure. OS&E, which stands for Operating Supplies and Equipment, is another commonly used abbreviation in the interior design world. FF&E and OS&E Procurement are some of the key services that any procurement consultancy will offer its clients and is an area of the hospitality industry which includes project procurement where there can be a lot of ambiguity about what it means and what it involves. From the small details to the big picture, we’ll get done every FF&E and OS&E needs of your company. A guest or staff person interacts with FF&E, whereas OS&E are the parts that they require to operate in the area. Auriga being your best procurement agency, assists with value engineering and budgeting the procurement of both FF&E and OSE procurement.

Supply Chain Management 

Supply chain management involves all operations related to the movement and transformation of goods from raw materials to end-users, as well as the corresponding information inputs. It is essential to understand that the premise under which the hospitality industry operates is much different from other industries. The industry's capital costs are high, operating costs being comparatively lower. The hotel industry has its unique characteristics, like customer centricity, different types of management,project procurement, kitchen procurement etc. Our best procurement consultancy in Dubai helps you discover, procure, access, place, and manage the resources like kitchen procurement that your restaurant needs or may require through value engineering in order to achieve its key goals.

Logistics Assistance 

Logistics, by definition, refers to a wide range of things in a commercial environment, including managing the movement of people and products so that everything runs smoothly. Commercial logistics adopted the concept from its military application, where the procurement services, project procurement,maintenance, value engineering and transportation of materials, facilities, and personnel are all of equal importance. In essence, logistics is the science of supply chain management. Providing logistics solutions to the hotel and hospitality industries is a very particular discipline, and we do it with the utmost precision. Auriga provides the best logistics assistance, kitchen procurement and procurement consultancy that helps your restaurants have a hassle-free functioning.

Quality Control

Businesses use quality control to maintain or enhance product quality and service quality. Quality control is directly proportional to guest satisfaction. Better the quality of services, higher the guest satisfaction, and vice-versa. Customer expectations are commonly used to assess service quality. Customers perceive your service to be of high quality if it meets and exceeds their expectations. Simply put, service quality is a component of procurement consultancy that refers to what the consumer receives and willingly pays for. To achieve service excellence, organizations strive to close the gap between what customers anticipate and what they get. It frequently necessitates them investing in staff training in terms of quality service standards. Auriga aids your company by providing project procurement, kitchen procurement, management, value engineering and workers to work together to achieve excellence in order to ensure quality control.