Pre-opening Expertise

Auriga transforms ideas into a viable business by creating a personality unique to your brand with the help of extensive market study. Conceptualising and developing some of the best in the hospitality management business in UAE.

Design & Concept Development

The restaurant concept plan can be termed as a comprehensive plan for the business. We as a Pre-opening consultant consultancy have been in the forefront of designing and inventing in the international hospitality industry, we help your business stand out as the best. Not all people will have prior knowledge about the hospitality training , development consultancy, food menu, development, and pricing, thus we as a team will provide guidance in design and concept development. Pre- opening consultancy provides a vision about how the food service will meet the expectations and demands of the current market as opposed to the competitors. We help our restaurant owners in budgeting too. However great your idea might sound in your head, the result might end up being disappointing. This is where our expertise comes into play. We conceptualize your ideas, break them down and come up with a plan fit for your vision. We design, remodel, plan the overall plan of the restaurant, We concentrate on creating a brand identity unique to you. From the location to the menu, interior, and the pricing, everything is meticulously thought about and worked upon, giving utmost attention to details. Auriga, breathing life into your hospitality business.

Appointment of Executive Committee Facilitation

Choosing the top tier of any company is crucial for the sustenance and smooth functioning of the company. Senior teams and companies that want to improve their efficiency, productivity, and function must break out of their silos, engage in productive thinking and discussion, and be aligned on their most critical goals. We help in excellent Executive Consultant Facilitation. We give the Board of Directors the power at any time to change the membership of the Executive Committee, to fill all vacancies in it, and to discharge it, either with or without cause. We guide the members in Market Strategy Assistance. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team and strengthen their spirit.

Marketing Strategy Assistance

A distinct, experience-driven brand that evokes emotion, has a quantifiable USP, and confirms masses' interest is vital. Then, we'll turn them into reality by creating an experience that may be conveyed through slogans, tone of voice, straplines, design, service, and even menu modifications. Branding is only one of the equations when it comes to a successful and engaging restaurant brand. We'll convey your restaurant's vision, idea, and personality across all of your marketing platforms in the most effective way through design and concept development to improve differentiation, generate engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. Your information will be emotionally, persuasively, and psychologically attractive, and we'll help you find the proper phrases to convert skeptics into believers and prospects into paying repeat customers.As a part of pre-opening consultancy we provide assistance in various marketing procedures like improving local discovery, design and concept development email marketing, and other hospitality training and development.

Budget Preparation

The hotel's budget is a financial model: a road map to follow in order to reach financial goals. Business strategy and specific figures for each area should be included in the document. We help structure budgeting that inculcates strategies to give a tight-knit profitable year. We help in managing every expense at the place, evaluating the restaurant’s sales forecasting. Budgeting is the core element in starting a business. Budgeting with the help of the proper Executive committee facilitation is a management planning activity that encompasses all aspects of operations for a specific time period. It is a formal statement of management's plans, aims, and objectives which also includes the hospitality training and development consultancy. Budgets for the company as a whole and for each division of the operation are offered.

Procurement and Sourcing

Procurement is the process of purchasing the products and services required for a restaurant's operations. As an organization's day-to-day operations depend on inputs from outside sources, sourcing is the process of evaluating, choosing, and managing suppliers. For example, sourcing is responsible for researching suppliers and implementing a plan, as well as for establishing quality and quantity measurements and picking suppliers that match these requirements. Thus, sourcing keeps up with the business's supply chain and ensures that the organization will always have the right tools at hand to achieve its goals. Auriga is a pre-opening consultant who  provides backup for both procurement and sourcing for your hospitality training and business. We help in building strategic long-term relationships with suppliers, providing development consultancy and receiving high-quality products.