Investment Consultants

Our goal is to understand our clients' individual investment needs and then provide a solution that is one-of-a-kind. Quite frequently, this entails crafting a contract that is best suited to the client's requirements. Investment process consultants work closely with clients to develop investment strategies that meet their needs and help them achieve their financial objectives. Auriga Consultancy is the best financial advisor in Dubai with financial professionals who will be providing the investors with investment products, advice, and/or planning.


Investment governance comes from the need to outline the essential aspects of a system of decision-making and oversight used to invest a fund’s assets. Investment governance makes use of skills, resources, and processes to add value to the social security system. An organization's ability to devote expertise, financial resources, time and fund operational effectiveness to the governance process is limited. We administer the reserve funds of social security organizations and hospitality businesses to make them secure investments. Auriga is an investment process consultant, who with the help of financial advisors Dubai, we provide various businesses with investment consultancy services.

Investment Objectives

An investment objective is often in the form of a questionnaire, with the responses determining the client's aversion to risk (risk tolerance) and the length of time the money will be invested (time horizon). Essentially, the information obtained from the form completed by the individual or client establishes the aim or objective for the client's portfolio in terms of what sorts of securities to include in the portfolio. We make it a point to understand the client’s mindstate to provide an optimum investment strategy for assured profit. Businesses can always turn to Auriga for consultancy services and Auriga is one among the leading investment process consultants in Dubai.

Strategic Asset Allocation

It is a portfolio approach that involves strategic asset allocation. The investor establishes target allocations for various asset classes and rebalances the portfolio on a regular basis. When the portfolio's allocations diverge considerably from the initial settings owing to different returns from the various assets, the portfolio is rebalanced to the original allocations. Auriga is well versed in the field of investment, helping hospitality business personnel manage their funds efficiently.

Research and information on markets and managers

To establish a successful restaurant you need to know everything about the market as well as your internal structuring. Auriga does detailed study on the market and managing officials for the smooth functioning of your enterprise. Auriga encompasses a bunch of professional investment process consultants who are experienced in the field of investments and research.

Portfolio structure

Clients keep us as specialists in our area not only for our exceptional and wide services, but also for advice on market position, competitive set, and future developments in the sector. Our success in previous initiatives is an indication of the skills we contribute to your hospitality business. Clients, management teams, and our manufacturer and contractor partners around the industry appreciate us for the commendable quality of our projects' process and final outcomes. Auriga has an excellent list of project experience from all sorts and numerous brands. We address all aspects of a project's physical requirements and give equal importance to our expertise. We also have a bunch of professional investment consultants  and financial advisors Dubai who can give you an expert opinion on their area of expertise.

After-Tax Investment

An after-tax return is any profit generated on an investment after deducting any taxes owed. Many firms in the F&B industry will base their earnings on the after-tax return. An after-tax return can be stated either nominal or as a ratio and is used to determine the pretax rate of return. Auriga guides you to take the right decision on your post-tax investments so that your tax burdens are reduced. Auriga has a group of financial advisors Dubai and Investment Consultants in Dubai who provide you expert advice on matters related to investments.

Efficient implementation of investment strategy

While effective execution has always been crucial for investors, the prospect of reduced returns in the future only adds to the urgency. We think that it is important for investors to manage expenses and risks in order to achieve their investment objectives. To take it a step further, we believe that well-managed implementation is one of the most dependable sources of return.