Human Resource & Training

The hotel sector employs a varied workforce, with a wide range of jobs that may or may not need extensive schooling. Check-in clerks, concierge providers, and managers have different requirements than valets, cleaning staff, and restaurant waiters. However, because the whole workforce reflects a hotel's hospitality culture, everyone must be taught in particular specific values and standards from top to bottom.

Recruitment and Placement Support

Organisations can estimate short- and long-term staffing needs and the strategic use of human resource functions is to satisfy those needs through job analysis and strategic planning, which includes an evaluation of the environment and forecasts for future business. Auriga, with its best human resources consulting services, helps you in the whole recruitment process. Moving on, our HR advisory gives proper orientation and training as it is as important as the selection process. In bigger chains, training by Human Resource Consultancy Dubai is necessary to maintain uniformity among employees. Chains must represent the same culture, though with some modification, in everything from the way pillows are fluffed to how the lobby is organised. So, wherever the person is from, the hospitality staff should act and do things consistently. This is the core area where any HR consultancy Dubai should concentrate to expect a better outcome.

Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is one of the most time-consuming administrative tasks for hospitality human resource departments. Despite best efforts, costly mistakes can occur, resulting in disgruntled staff and a suspicious government body investigating your operations and rules. Fortunately, if your company decides to engage in a payroll outsourcing service with the best human resource consultancy in Dubai, you can avoid the possible payroll difficulties which is a pretty straightforward undertaking. Payroll is the process of reimbursing your employees for the services they deliver with the help of HR and Training Consultancy. The fundamental objective of your payroll system is to ensure that you pay your employees accurately and on time. Dubai being the happening place of everything cool, it has the best of human resources & training consultancy services as well. Auriga actively assists you in maintaining a fast and proper payment system as one of the best HR Consultancy in Dubai as well as providing outstanding assistance to your organisation in order to retain your staff.

Training and Talent Development

Auriga through their HR Consulting agency takes pride in providing specialised training to your staff so that you can guarantee everyone about having a consistent experience. Every hospitality firm has its own distinct approach to operations. Training from HR management consulting firms is also necessary to ensure uniformity among employees in bigger chains. Chains must represent the same culture, although with some personalization, in everything from the way pillows are fluffed to how the lobby is structured for convenience or leisure. So, whether a person stays in Alberta, Canada, or in Dubai, UAE, the hospitality staff should act and do things consistently according to the HR Consulting companies. You could recall a certain hotel because of the chocolates placed on your pillow, or the smooth aroma of their bathing gel or even the flower which greeted you when you arrived. All of these things are part of a corporate culture that aims to improve the visitor experience, and as a trusted HR advisory across the UAE, we sought to equip you with the same.

Key Performance Indicators Evaluation

KPIs in the hotel sector are values or measures that assess the performance of a specific sector of the hospitality business. Human Resource consulting firms help provide clear visibility into your company's functioning and sustainability within the hospitality sector. KPIs enable you to examine and build important adjustments that will aid in the functioning of your business by the help of Human Resource groups. As an experienced human resource consulting group, we work hard to match learning with the intended performance of learners and the company as a whole. Because the only goal of corporate training by the HR Consultancy Agency and HR consulting companies is to enable employees to convert knowledge into skill. The ability of employees to apply what they have learned in the classroom to their jobs is a critical KPI for measuring the training's effectiveness. Indicators like time to proficiency, knowledge and skill retention, transfer of training, stakeholder satisfaction, etc are Auriga’s key factors to measure employee performance.

Current System Auditing and Development

If a risk arises at the hotel, visitors look to the personnel for guidance. After all, the employees are familiar with the area, and the guests are not. At Auriga, we HR consulting companies ensure staff members are educated with basic safety procedures and are audited for their performance by the best HR Consultancy in Dubai. We equip them in preparing and establishing strategies in critical situations. The HR Management Consulting firms are critical and aid them in developing their core skills. Resort development, family holiday park development, and water park development are all examples of hospitality development, as human resource consulting services are hotels, restaurants, museums, outdoor activities, and other leisure amenities. Being the best human resource consulting group in Dubai, we could provide you with a full-service hospitality development or assist you in a single phase of a hospitality project. We relieve you of any anxieties, no matter what sort of project you are working on, thanks to our experience, devotion, and enthusiasm.