Food and Beverages

Hospitality and Restaurant  Management is a branch of the hospitality sector that oversees operations at restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering firms, hospitals, hotels, cloud kitchens, and other locations.
It is concerned with the logistics of food and foodservice, such as ordering and inventory, budget management, and menu design and costing. It also involves Human Resources tasks such as hiring, training, and managing both front and back of house It also involves Human Resources tasks such as hiring, training, and managing both front and back of house personnel. Auriga being one of the best restaurant, bar and hospitality consultants, provides you with out-of-box hotel-restaurant consulting solutions.
We bring the best strategies to the table to serve the perfect Hospitality experience.

Feasibility Study

The Food and Beverage Consultancy is large, diverse, and full of specialized fields. It’s one of the oldest industries on the planet, but still full of innovation. From new products to higher-volume, lower-cost production techniques, this industry is always looking for new ways to produce the food consumers want at the best possible price. And vital equipment is there every step of the way - one such is the feasibility study. It is predictive analytics, a hybrid market approach that combines qualitative and quantitative elements. Being the best hospitality consultant in UAE, Auriga helps you assess various factors like the concept, location and predict the potential supply and demand. Our perfect brew hospitality solutions will definitely give you a strategic advantage.

Concept & Design

To create an engaging - and lasting - story in Hospitality Solutions, it is important to make it the starting point of your concept-building process. For the hospitality industry, it is crucial that concept and design go hand in hand. With one unified mood or tone, a thriving restaurant concept will encompass many different aspects when it comes to a Restaurant and Hospitality Consultants in UAE. It doesn't matter how minor the detail is; it all contributes to the larger theme of your hospitality solution. Our expert restaurant-bar and hotel restaurant consultants will diligently help you come up with the most practical concept for a profitable outcome.


Today, franchising is a significant part of the hospitality industry through fast-food restaurants and hotels. Franchisors from Hotel Restaurant Consultant firms in UAE give the right to the franchisee to sell their product and service and also to sub-franchise it and work under their brand name. Success stories of franchising involve a third party working in relations with an existing brand through bonds of royalty or fees. The franchisee gets to use the parent company’s name, branding, and model with the added advertisement and marketing support. We as Hospitality Consultants in UAE  ensure that no costly mistakes are made during the franchising process, making the food and beverage consultancy hassle-free.

Branding & Marketing

Your brand is far more than your name or logo. It encompasses everything from the personality and the values of your hotel to your customers’ perceptions, notions and experience. It represents who you are, what you believe in and how you want to be perceived by your audience. Auriga being the best hospitality consultants in UAE helps your restaurant business have a unique brand name and image. Your distinctive identity will set you apart from the competition and create a devoted consumer base by increasing client trust and brand recognition through the proper Restaurant-Bar Consultant. Auriga specialises in honing your marketing skills to set you apart in the swarms of hospitality solutions out there. Guest experience extends beyond your premises, and is intrinsic to your relationship with your guests . The right social media presence will cover your bases, however you must remember that every initiative you undertake should be geared towards delighting your customers and encouraging them to return to you. Consistent brand communication is vital for growing a bond with your guests, showing them care and personal attention. With the help of the best hospitality-restaurant consultants, you could always build your brand strategy towards this end goal is of critical importance.

Menu Engineering

Menu engineering creates your menu in the most effective way by showcasing your restaurant's most popular and lucrative items using menu psychology approaches. This is a quintessential step in hotel- restaurant consulting. As a result of menu engineering, restaurant earnings may be maximised by evaluating and carefully developing your menu. The first step in menu engineering is to understand that it is an ongoing process. Typically, the greatest success in increasing margin occurs the first time menu engineering is implemented in a food and beverage consultancy. Menu engineering is an important tool that should be used regularly by every restaurateur and hotelier to maximise profitability. We make sure to sit down with your chief while designing the perfect menu that fits the restaurant concept seamlessly. As one of the finest restaurant-bar consultants in Dubai, Auriga has a deep understanding of the intricacies of menu engineering. With high-end hospitality solutions we help you put your restaurant on the map.

Restaurant Management

From hiring and firing staff to tracking sales and basic accounting, managing a restaurant involves a wide range of responsibilities. In order to effectively manage a restaurant, one must consider public relations, inventory, staffing, and customer service, among other factors by the help of a Restaurant and Hospitality consultant in Dubai. Restaurant management services and training is one of the key services we provide for our clients. Proper restaurant management ensures that restaurants run smoothly and efficiently. Every management team strives to provide customers with pleasant dining experiences that live up to brand standards. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what matters the most and is the only thing that will bring them back to you. Additionally, everything done by the restaurant management team is ultimately geared towards safeguarding the profitability of the restaurant. Being the best food and beverages consultancy in Dubai, we provide a wide range of services, from hotel-restaurant consulting to restaurant management and cloud kitchen management.