Facility Management

Auriga works with businesses across the hospitality industry and helps them build their dream. Auriga lets you improve guest experiences by managing hospitality facilities effectively through Facility Management Consultants. Higher occupancy rates, better guest feedback, fewer complaints, and less invasive operations like maintenance and MEP Services during guest visits all contribute to lower operating expenses and even lower nightly prices. Effective, integrated hospitality facility management offers mutual gains for both hotel employees and visitors. Facility Management Consultants handle the work of facility management.

Project Development - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Project Development

Project management is one skill set that can be applied to almost every organization in the hospitality sector with the help of Facility Management Consultants. We can help you attain a firm foundation in project management and FIT-OUT Management, which will be an advantage for your business in the extremely competitive hospitality sector. The project management approach through Facility Management Consultants ensures that you establish meaningful goals and objectives. It helps break down the workflow into stages and keeps track of the budget and progress.

Energy and Sustainability - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Energy and Sustainability

We can help your hospitality businesses implement long-term business plans with the appropriate leadership. Sustainability-conscious hotel executives increase efficiency and attract a rising number of clients seeking ecologically and socially responsible products and services. Sustainability encompasses not only environmental management but also social and economic development. Customer experience is undeniably important in the hospitality industry, but it must also be grounded in sustainable thinking. Auriga is primarily concerned with energy and sustainability. Pursuing an online leadership and management degree or certificate will help individuals prepare to lead their businesses to success via sustainability in the hospitality industry. Auriga is primarily concerned with energy and sustainability.

Workplace Strategy - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Workplace Strategy

An effective advanced workplace strategy combines important components of physical space design, information technology (including infrastructure and devices), FIT-OUT Management and effective HR policies to improve workability and operational efficiency. Auriga assures you have the same as well. An advanced workplace strategy, when implemented properly, may be a substantial driver of real estate portfolio savings and help to talent recruiting and retention initiatives. Workplace Strategy is about figuring out the best practices, technologies, and spaces to help people be the best they can be, thereby providing a foundation for business success.

Lease and Transaction Administration - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Lease and Transaction Administration

Under a hotel lease arrangement, the owner of a hotel property rents it to the tenant, who uses it to operate its hotel operations. The owner (landlord) has no influence on the operation of the property and carries no risk or liability for the hotel company. Build-out/construction issues, where the premises are either turn-key or built out by the tenant, capital expenditures, and repairs are common concerns for negotiation of property leases. Auriga provides you with the best advice during negotiations and the processes thereafter. Auriga works with clients to ensure the most successful acquisitions, dispositions, lease renewals, and commercial rent reviews across their real estate interests.

Tenant Representation - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Tenant Representation

Tenant representation in the hospitality industry is a highly specialized subject. A competent restaurant and hotel broker must be persistent, tenacious, and aggressive. The battle for excellent locations is fierce. Legend takes pleasure in putting sites in front of several hotel and restaurant companies as soon as they hit the market. A premium site can be gone before the pen is dry, therefore the hospitality tenant rep must be in front of the owner from the start. We are familiar with all of the popular restaurant corridors, as well as who is conducting business and where the growth regions for new locations will be. FIT-OUT Management is responsible for setting up the interior space for guests and customers. This includes interior design, selection, and installation. Everything from the wallpaper to the fork used by the customer is matched to create an overall concept. Auriga also provides MEP Services to ensure that the functional goal is met. During the guests' stay in the hotel, MEP services play a critical role in FIT-OUT Management providing elegance, comfort, and security.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Services - Facility Management Services in Dubai

Housekeeping and Maintenance Services

The Auriga Housekeeping team takes pride in keeping the hotel clean and pleasant so that it may be called a "home away from home." The objective of all hospitality services is to provide their customers with clean, attractive, comfortable, MEP services and inviting settings that are also fairly priced. Nothing makes a more striking statement than cleanliness in a hospitality facility. No level of service can equal the impression a guest receives when they step into an immaculate, tidy, and well-organized room. Both management and customers think that keeping the environment clean and in good repair is necessary for a hotel to charge a reasonable rate and earn repeat business. Housekeeping is an operational department in a hotel that is in charge of the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic maintenance of the rooms, public areas, back areas, and surroundings. Housekeeping is an ancillary department that has a significant impact on a property's overall reputation.