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We help you break through the hospitality industry to make a lucrative business with our extensive feasibility studies and expertise in corporate services. We will provide all global corporate services according to one’s needs. Auriga is the Corporate service provider in Dubai.

Feasibility Studies - Best Corpotate Service in Dubai

Feasibility Studies

There are qualitative and quantitative aspects to doing a restaurant feasibility study in Corporate Services. With the help of this approach in Global Corporate Services, you can forecast possible supply and demand for your restaurant or potential new site. We do extensive market research to provide you with the best strategies for shutdown management services when required.  Shutdown Management service  provides opportunities to the maintenance department for efficient and safe turnaround of events. Hotel feasibility studies need an examination of demographic, regional, economic, market, and financial factors.An analysis of the location, demographics, and neighbourhood was conducted to assess the local economy in Corporate legal services. Corporate Services examine the site's size, accessibility and visibility, geography, utility availability, and other site-related characteristics; Review the facility's plans, the project's scope, possible negative consequences (to plan shutdown management service)  and the estimated expenses; Data obtained in the local and regional markets are analyzed in the market. To estimate project performance, the occupancy rate (OCC), average daily rate (ADR), and revenue per available room (RevPAR) should be taken note of by the Corporate Service Provider in Dubai. Estimation of annual operating results is based on a comparison of the project's scope and attributes to similar properties; and the economic value is calculated using discounted cash flow or direct capitalization analysis. Feasibility studies are carried out for a variety of stakeholders, frequently with competing goals, for various purposes with differing levels of information, and at various phases of a project.

Local Legal Support Services - Best Corporate Service in Dubai

Local Legal Support services

Restaurant entrepreneurs benefit from the expert counsel and skillful representation provided by  Corporate legal services. This will allow your firm to take the appropriate preventative actions to avoid legal conflicts. We have expert lawyers in our team to identify and come up with countermeasures before they develop for all the corporate services.
All individuals, corporations, agents, and organizations active in the tourism and hospitality sectors benefit greatly from our dependable and responsible tourism law services and corporate legal services for the hospitality sector.
The provision of tourism law services is greatly desirable for overcoming the ever-increasing national and global competition in the tourism industry and for increasing the overall productivity and profitability of businesses in this sector in Global corporate services.

Immigration Services - Best Corporate Service in Dubai

Immigration Services

As a Corporate Service Provider in Dubai, the services related to immigration are supplied by a variety of companies and professions under the umbrella phrase "immigration services”. Wherever your guest needs to go Auriga will help you with all your “immigration services”. Auriga can aid your hospitality company with the right kind of immigration services, giving you expert insight on how, when, where, and what's of immigration as part of the global corporate services.

Company Incorporation - Best Corporate Service in Dubai

Company Incorporation

A firm's incorporation refers to the legal process of becoming a corporate entity or a company. An incorporated corporation is a legal entity in its own right that is recognized by the law. These corporations are distinguished by words such as 'Inc.' or 'Limited' in their names. It becomes a legal corporate entity distinct from its owners. We have a sound legal team to handle everything related to company incorporation. Opening a hotel is not an easy task. There are various corporate legal services that should be looked after. Before starting any business in a global corporate service, one should check for all the pros and cons. We provide efficient corporate services in accordance with appropriate governing and regulating bodies.

Secretarial Services - Best Corporate Service in Dubai

Secretarial Services

In the business world, secretarial services have taken on new meaning. It includes not only filing and correspondence but also compliance with statutory and legal concerns that constitute the cornerstone of any business regarding the global corporate services. They serve the purpose of bridging the gap between administrative and geographical deficiencies in the creation of a business since each state or nation has its own set of rules and regulations. Corporate secretarial service, regardless of the kind of the firm in Corporate services, serves as a supporting framework to the company's compliance demands since the company secretary is skilled in dealing with all types of companies. Our Secretarial Services include meetings with shareholders, issue and publication of notices, planning of payments as corporate service provider in Dubai.

Business Plan and Structuring - Best Corporate Service in Dubai

Business Plan and Structuring

A business plan in a global corporate service determining whether your investment is a success or not. This helps in focusing on the goals that one has set for the business. We as the Corporate Service Provider in Dubai help you to discover your brand’s identity.
The vision you have for your hospitality venture should be included in your business strategy of the corporate services. This will assist you in structuring your goals and business purpose.
A business plan is made up of three parts: To begin, Auriga talks about your company model and defines your products and services in the global corporate services. Then, position the company in its sector and talk about your target market, including your target consumers and how you'll reach them while defeating your competitors. Finally, we link these plans to the actual world by outlining your contingency plans and concluding with spreadsheets demonstrating your projected sales, costs of conducting the company, and profits.