Auditing & Accounting

You, as a business owner or finance manager, are intimately familiar with the problems that the hospitality sector faces. The ever-changing tax, audit, and general financial landscape can be difficult to navigate, whether you're a hotel, restaurant, or other hospitality firm.  Auriga is here to help you get rid of that load and lead your company to success.

Statutory Auditing - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai

Statutory Auditing

Auriga is constantly looking for ways to improve your audit experience as technology advances. We make attempts to enhance our audit findings and provide a better experience for our clients utilising artificial intelligence, dynamic processes, deep learning, and sophisticated analytic visualisations. The term statutory signifies that statutory auditing is necessary. The objective of a financial audit in account consulting services is often to assess whether funds have been properly handled and that all records and filings are accurate. Undergoing a statutory audit is not an implicit indication of misconduct. Choosing Auriga is the best way for you and your hospitality business to showcase how transparent your trades and deals are going.

Internal Auditing - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai

Internal Auditing

Internal audits examine a company's internal controls, such as corporate governance and accounting procedures in account consultancy services. These audits verify that rules and regulations are followed and that financial reporting and data gathering is accurate and timely. Internal audits also give management the tools they need to improve operational efficiency by detecting problems and addressing breaches before an external audit finds them. Auriga can proudly help you in assisting with your internal audits, and help you get rid of the headache.

Book keeping and Accounting - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai

Book keeping and Accounting

Whether you want the greatest degree of assurance, such as an audit for your business, or just need help with bookkeeping or staying up to date with the newest changes, Auriga can assist you. The sections that follow bookkeeping and accounting discuss the skills that we offer to various levels of assurance and related services. Auriga’s team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals in the hotel sector to improve their bottom line, enhance cash flow through  account consultancy services, and expand their operations by bookkeeping and accounting. Countless businesses have entrusted us with addressing their accounting issues and assisting them in finding solutions with the help of bookkeeping in areas such as digital transformation, cybersecurity, state and local tax, wealth management, and more.

Valuation and Advisory Services - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai

Valuation and Advisory Services

The worldwide advising and valuation team at Auriga offers a wide range of assessment services, which includes strict quality control and high-level format monitoring. Our staff completes assessment and advisory work under the supervision of properly trained assessors with experience in the hospitality industry.

Fund Management - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai

Fund Management

Auriga sees to it that the best practices of fund management in the hotel sector like developing an annual budget, developing a thorough financial monitoring model, conducting ongoing audits, and developing a reporting system to assist managers in keeping track of P&L information, etc which falls under the account consulting services are carried out in proper ways.

Reporting - Auditing and Accounting Services in Dubai


The audit report is a critical deliverable for every company since it reveals the final outcomes of the whole audit process. Users of financial statements, such as investors, lenders, customers, and others, base their judgments and plans on an enterprise's audit reports. Auriga makes sure that the report is credible enough so that it positively affects the perceived value of your financial statement audit.